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It’s brave because you might discover things about yourself you might not like. Poldark – I have a house in Cornwall and it sums up how beautiful the place is. I gave up for two and a half years, but I’ve started again. I’d just come off a radio tour, I hadn’t slept a wink and I had a little weep, going, “It’s so hard and no one understands.”The first record I ever bought was… My favourite TV show of all time is Inspector Morse. I wanted to marry her, have a Range Rover and be a vet.

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He rented a motorbike and I rented a tiny scooter and we pootled around.

I don’t think I’ve ever said it before but it is one of my proudest moments and I feel quite emotional now that I think about it. For me the use of the word ‘gay’ as a derogatory term is terrible – if someone used a racist term or anti-religious comment people would jump on it and rightfully so.

I have done a lot for young LGBT people over the years and if that is a way of giving them someone to look up to, whether it’s me or Sam Smith or whoever, then that’s great! In London we’re so used to diversity but we live in a time where homophobic bullying is still rife. It’s about teaching people who don’t know what they’re saying about the hurt they cause.

I had a Twitter war thing with Nicky Morgan recently because she refused to meet me. There was this dickhead who wrote an article who said that he wasn’t being homophobic but I said there’s a difference between being homophobic and saying homophobic things.

I thought, ‘Fuck this’: I copied in The Sun, The Independent and The Times and then she got back to me in half an hour, which I thought was highly insulting. It’s about educating people that their misuse of the word gay is offensive to me and they don’t realise it.

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