Tom hollander dating

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Tom had started watching Bayona’s previous film, The Orphanage, the year before, but turned it off when he got too scared. “I knew my character’s mum was in danger and the director asked me to write a letter to her and recite it,” he says.

He was spotted aged 10 doing street dance with a local group and was singled out personally by director Stephen Daldry to be trained for two years to star in Billy Elliot the Musical, first as Billy’s best friend Michael, then as the lead.Holland plays Lucas, who helps his severely injured doctor mother (Naomi Watts) to safety while believing that his businessman father (Ewan Mc Gregor) and younger brothers are drowned.The Hollywood Reporter called him “astonishingly good” in the gruelling role, while Watts thinks him “beyond gifted”.When that role came to an end Tom, then 14, was due to go back to normal life and his Catholic boys’ school, but his agent mentioned a film script called The Impossible that had a part for a teenager.At the audition, he met the Catalan-born Bayona, who spoke little English.

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