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‘s Frannie, perhaps Casey’s biggest nemesis, returned all shiny and nice last Spring. I mean, she does already have her claws in Casey’s old boyfriend. So it was actually very cool to know way in advance. I actually just watched a few of the episodes and I was like, I don’t know if I like that.Tiffany Dupont, the actress who plays her, weighs in…So, Frannie is back in action. I had the reassurance that they were bringing me in and they made me a series regular which was so great. What can I do with her to make it a little more clear?Then the pastor starts talking about this movie, and that they're praying for it, they're excited about it, and all that. Find the latest news, pictures, and opinions about Tiffany Dupont. They told me after we wrapped the first ten [episodes]. It’s hard to play, to be completely honest, because when she’s in what I like to call "Frannie-mode" — her little bitchy whatever — it’s easy because I know how to do it, I know what they want.Yeah, I think we’ll see in this episode that she genuinely cares about Casey and is sorry, but she cares about Evan, too. I know Jake [Mc Dorman] often will say that he wishes Evan were a nicer guy. I think he’s just caught up in the circumstances of his life, being from money and having this image that comes from that. For example, buying off Shane — the kid who liked Casey — wasn’t the best way to [express his affection], but he had his heart in the right place.

It's the first leading role for Dupont, 25, who had parts in 2003's , Dupont joins Luke Goss, who plays the role of Xerxes, and veteran stars Omar Sharif (Prince Memucan), Peter O'Toole (Samuel, the Prophet), and John Rhys-Davies (Mordecai).

Actress Tiffany Dupont is definitely not dating anyone for the time being, despite what you may have heard.

She is single right now and reports say she is open to a relationship with the right guy this time.

Additionally, actress Tiffany Dupont allegedly slept with Tom Cruise and George Clooney to boost up her acting career.

The gossip follows that she actually offered herself when she got the chance to meet them.

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