Southern guide to internet dating

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Romance expert Miss Lora (as seen on the National TV Rachael Ray talk show) knows the whacky world of on line personals and tells you what to say on a date with The Southern Guide to Internet

Alright gents, here's the latest on my online game. Same exact pictures I was using before (one cool new one). All of them very cute – like, ranging from “Nice” to “Top-Notch”. The ones who checked me out didn't bother saying hi back. So, I went back, removed most of the really cool pictures I had up, and rewrote the profile. ” or, “I don't play video games, so I guess you heard right”). Been a few years since I did it, but it was OK for me back in the day – a few *really* cool people I met, balanced out by a few stealth-weirdos – you know, the ones who seem totally normal, until they take off their shirts and show you the skull tattoo inked on their backs with the word “P. If she replies to you instantly sometimes, and takes a day other times, mix it up back with her like she does with you. if she picks up that you always take exactly the same amount of time to reply to her that she took to reply to you, it comes off almost as tryhard as does a guy who replies right away every time.

We're all friends here, and mostly in different towns, and heck, I'm leaving this one pretty soon anyway – so I'm going to lay out everything I'm using right now for online dating. Maybe the hardcore screener isn't a good fit with my look, I thought. Be ready for that and keep moving in your reply (e.g., “In that case, I stand corrected! I'm sure you have other redeeming qualities ;)” or ignore that topic altogether if you have other stuff to riff off of in her response). Right now, I have 6 messages from 6 different girls sitting in my inbox.

Romance expert Southern matchmaker Miss Lora the Trailer Trash Miz Manners as seen on the CBS National TV Rachael Ray talk show comes to the rescue of clueless single men and women in the whacky world of online personals with Chapter 4 of "The Southern Guide to Internet Dating".

A little bit trailer trash and a lot of common sense, Miss Lora tells you what to do, say and wear ("You don't want to go there.

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A few lays, a few cute girls met over the years – maybe one with good looks and good personality, the rest either “meh” in both looks and personality, or super-cute in looks but super- in personality. So maybe I ought to disarm myself and come off a little more... Then I chose one that showed me doing something really cool and unconventional. I saw an OKCupid study recently where they found that the men who got the best response rates were looking down and away in their profile pics, so I changed my main picture to one where I'm looking – you guessed it – down and away. Chances are, I probably like the same things you do and have done them / do them regularly. I'm not going to respond to them until tomorrow though; there's no rush.

For instance, if you want to say that you’re dating someone, as in boyfriend/girlfriend, you’d say .

Of course, there are Spaniards everywhere in Spain.

I'm using Plenty Of Fish right now, because it's free and it's HUGE. The quality tends to be all over the board – I have dates set up next week with a red-headed stripper who claims she's clairvoyant, a bleached-blonde California girl with a professional degree and a super-sharp wit, and an educated, cultured Asian girl with a little bit of a wild side. Use the same exact headline and profile text with my OWN pictures – where the pics are the only difference – and crickets. Then I'd send out bunches of messages, and get next-to-nothing. Here's what I've tried in the past: view my profile. I've been to that country you've wanted to visit since you were five. Access to all locations for the same price as one, baby. You stand a far better chance of hooking with something more positive and upbeat and less threatening. I was going to post some correspondence chains, but most of what I have is these chicks sending me really long messages... Note on responding to what you get from this message: lots of girls will banter back about the Wii Sports, or give a boring logical response (e.g., “Well you must've heard wrong, because I'm a Wii Sports All-Star!! If it took her twelve hours to get back to you, take ten hours or fourteen hours.

I made a fake profile with a blond-haired, blue-eyed model, and it got swamped with unsolicited messages from women. 24 Hour Fitness wants me there so bad they gave me a DISCOUNT. If she likes the look of you, she'll be hooked harder; but most girls aren't going to respond well to this. Didn't realize you could put this much analysis into online dating, did you? She has to feel like you're putting in roughly equal amounts. Take around the same amount of time to reply to her that she takes for you.

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