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Et) will flash back 20 years to finally reveal what happened in Amsterdam to shape Vance (Rocky Carroll); what Mossad Director Eli David (guest star Michael Nouri) risked leaving Israeli soil to defend himself against when the file was to be reviewed, knowing that a Palestinian terrorist network would try to assassinate him in Washington (an explosive went off in the safe house he and Vance retreated to at the end of last week’s episode); and what was on that single sheet of paper that Vance shredded when he first became the director » - Mandi Bierly It's amazing that after seven-plus seasons as one of the most consistently compelling shows on TV, NCIS still finds another gear with certain story arcs, one of which began Tuesday.

When Ziva's father makes a surprise visit to the U. But in "Enemies Foreign," the adversary was formidable and the mystery deeper than usual.

66-year-old “NCIS” and “Damages” actor Michael Nouri — who is perhaps best known as Nick from 1983’s “Flashdance” — has been arrested on suspicion of domestic violence. We’d really expect better from Summer Roberts’ “The O.

He was ultimately released after posting ,000 bail.

He has had recurring roles in numerous television series, including NCIS as Eli David, the father of Mossad officer (later Special Agent) Ziva David, The O. It proffers cheesy drama, amateurish acting, and a staple fairy tale plot - but audiences ate it up.Part of that had to do with the music - the soundtrack album was amazingly successful - and part had to do with the film's look.When his best friend dies of an heart attack due to permanent stress at work, the Japanese businessman Yutaka Soto quits and fulfills himself a dream: he buys a ranch in Montana to live on....See full summary » Since Larry works at a garage, he gets to use one of the Rolls Royces.

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