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The region so defined (excluding Montenegro, Dalmatia, and the Ionian Islands) constituted most of the European territory of the Ottoman Empire from the late 15th to the 19th century.

On a larger scale, one long continuous chain of mountains crosses the region in the form of a reversed letter S, from the Carpathians south to the Balkan range proper, before it marches away east into Anatolian Turkey.

On the west coast, an offshoot of the Dinaric Alps follows the coast south through Dalmatia and Albania, crosses Greece and continues into the sea in the form of various islands.

My seat mate just stood there, taking it, not fighting back and barely saying a word. He had already seen what his assailant was carrying, and soon, we all did.

The stands quickly cleared, I turned to see the glossy white handle of a handgun suddenly visible, the barrel pressed into the stomach of the man I previously talked about the ball game with.

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