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The figures are issued by the National Statistical Office.Interest rate and other macroeconomic and monetary statistics are on the Bulgarian National Bank site.(A prepaid Internet booking at the five-star Grand Hotel Sofia came to 6, with tax.) But because language can be a challenge -- many places are signed only in Cyrillic -- I link up with Lyuba Boyanin of Lyuba Tours.Like all Balkan ladies, Bulgarian women are very attractive and feminine.They are not afraid to show of their bodies and skin.Beautiful Bulgarian women typically wear tight fitting clothing and are very open about most things. They are easily romanced and appreciate anything that pertains to their femininity.But a longer holding period often results in no capital gains tax being payable.

They have alluring and warm personalities as well as being very loyal to their men.Scores of young Roma women have been paraded before potential suitors at a Bulgarian 'bride market' where poor families are given the chance to arrange financially beneficial marriages for their children.The 'bride market' - held four times a year on various religious holidays during the spring and summer - is a chance for the Roma's nomadic tinkers to meet and not only catch up on gossip, but also play matchmaker for their adolescent sons and daughters.A Bulgarian lady will put forth her best efforts to make her partner happy and satisfied.You can find the very best in Bulgarian brides when you visit Rose Brides.

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